August 15, 2016 ipsuey

Scenic North East Tour

Ponta Delgada
ponta_delgadaWe pass through São Vicente village and reach the charming village of Ponta Delgada. Overlooked by walls of forested mountains, this quiet traditional fishing village has a seafront dominated by the church Bom Jesus. East of the church is modern lido complex. Leaving Ponta Delgada we pass through “Boaventura” where we can absorb the beautiful scenery. The area is a vivid account of beauty.
Cabanas Viewpoint
cabanasFrom Boaventura, the old road to Arco de Sao Jorge is one of the most dramatic drive in Madeira. Passing through an old tunnel we reach Arco de São Jorge, a lush farmland with vineyards. After several hairpin bends we reach, “Cabanas”. It is a breathtaking view point. The houses of Arco de São Jorge and the Rose garden lay small and far below. You can admire the beautiful north-western coast line as far as Porto Moniz.
santanaOur next stop is to a charming village called “Santana”. Santana gets its name from St. Anne. Home to ‘A` framed Houses. These triangle thatched buildings, were used by local farmers as cow sheds. Traditionally people also lived in these houses. This is one of Madeira’s most familiar images. You will discover how spacious the ´A` framed houses are, when you visit one. The village lies in one of Madeira’s most fertile farming land. Here you will be able to see different types of vegetables and fruit grown. The village itself is clustered round the church.
faialWe continue our journey to the biggest parish of Santana, “Faial”. It owes its name to the beech- trees, an indigenous myricaceae, which grows in the stream valleys and on the mountain. This picturesque village lies high above the sea and has a pretty little church. At the mouth of the river is a modern little lido complex with a sea pool, kid’s playground and a rocky beach. We will stop here for lunch.
Porto da Cruz
After enjoying lunch, we drive to a rural village of Porto da Cruz. Located at the foot of a Rock called Penha d´Aguia. Its name comes from the “Cruz” (cross), the explores placed on the bay. Once used by people as a port (Porto).The only running sugar mill on the north coast is located in this village. Its brick chimney stands up high in the village It has a beautiful sea promenade. Porto de Cruz is famous for its wine.
Ponta de São Lourenço
ponta_sao_lourencoOur next  stop is in “Ponta de São Lorenço”, the most eastern point of the island. The area around Caniçal and Sao Lorenço has similar climate to that of the island of Porto Santo. It is noticeable that the natural vegetation is different here. The north and south coast can be seen simultaneously. On a clear day Porto Santo can also be seen. Beautiful rock formation can be found in this region.

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