September 21, 2016 ipsuey

Pico Arieiro » Pico Ruivo

Without any doubt one of the most interesting mountain hike / walks in Madeira . The madeira Challenging walk starts on the 3rd highest Peak Arieiro (1810mts) up to Ruivo Peak (1862mts), the highest on the island of Madeira. With constant ups downs were at each point giving us a different, but, always succulent bit of landscapes. Just before Ruivo Peak, ancient heather trees that are many hundreds of years and were already there when Zarco landed on the island. Passing through small tunnels we arrive at Peak Ruivo; After a break, surrounded by an usual landscape we start making our way slowly down to Achada do Teixeira. Where the madeira walks transport will by waiting; Suitable footwear and waterproofs are also essential at all times of the year. The walk is 9 km and about 4,5 hours.
A Challenging Walk in Madeira you do not want to Miss!


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