September 21, 2016 ipsuey

Ribeiro Frio » Portela

The Ribeiro Frio to Portela Levada Walk – is a moderate walk along one of the most beautiful and known levadas of Madeira surround by Laurissilva Forest. With its magnificent display of greens. Starting at Ribeiro Frio where the trout farm is located. We travel through the indigenous forest of Madeira on the way to Portela .Where the only sound that you hear are the vast bird life. Now and then you will see trout swimming in the cold water of the levada do Ribeiro Frio. Getting at the same time the magnificent view over Porto da Cruz and Penha d’Aguia, making it a fulfilling view of this fantastic walk . ABOUT 11KM AND APROM  3,5 HOURS.ribeiro_frio_portela_teaser

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