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Picturais of South West Tour

Ponta do Sol

ponta_do_solWe arrive at Ponta do Sol. Ponta do sol is the sunniest spot on the island, and it gets its name from sunny point. A quiet and pretty little village shoe- horned into the folds of a steep valley overhung with dense banana plantation, with a relaxed and lively air. Leaving Ponta do Sol we climb towards the plateau of Madeira.




Madalena do Mar

madalena_do_marBefore driving towards the plateau we go through Madalena do Mar. This beautiful village on the south-western coast is spread out along a stony beach with banana fields all the way to the top of the cliffs.






Jardim do Mar

jardim_do_marAn instantly likeable place, the traditional fishing village of Jardim do Mar has a marine promenade which is a delight to walk along. It has a sheer cliff tower above the village. It is the surfing centre of Madeira. Believe it or not, there is a route up the steep cliff which was the only route to get in and out of the village.




Paúl do Mar

paul_do_marAn unexceptional little fishing village, worth the visit, for its spectacular position beneath towering cliffs. Until the access road was built, in 1960`s the village could only be reached by sea. Paul do Mar itself is an anticlimax. There are some interesting backstreets round the church, at its eastern end with the beach, is obscured by its sheer cliffs . Occasionally hosts a surf competition.


Ponta do Pargo

ponta_do_pargoPonta do Pargo is located on the Western most tip of Madeira. Alongside the cliff-top is a lighthouse, 312mts (984 ft) above the sea. The village is named after dolphin fish, (no relation to dolphins) which is fished in that area. With its lighthouse in the far overturn extreme of the island, and a fabulous view overlooking the coast, and the narrow flat lands, it is an incredible place. The village is surrounded by fields of vines and vegetables. Here we will have lunch.


Paúl da Serra

paul_da_serraDriving up to the plateau we find, Paul da Serra is a flat bleak and grazed by hardy free range cows. Paul da Serra comes as a surprise; views of jagged mountain peaks give way to a plateau. This windswept high plateau offers expansive views of moor lands. Paul da Serra is Madeira’s biggest and highest plateau. Located at 1400mts (4593ft). It has wide open landscapes where you can enjoy the panoramic views over Valleys.

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